Spotlight on Lights

Lighting has been in the spotlight lately (pun intended!). We are learning that identifying the location and type of light fixture is a little bit art and a little bit science. Thankfully, we’ve got a team of experts to help us with this task too. We started with our electrician, Geisler, who put together a lighting plan. They were careful to ensure we had safety lights and exit lights throughout the building. Their plan made suggestions for light locations and gave us a jumping off point. 

Once we had our initial plan and suggestions it was time to get serious. We did a walkthrough the building to mark spots for lights, and to help us decide if we felt like we had lights in the right places. Shortly after that, we invited a consultant from Endacott Lighting in Manhattan out to help us think about fixtures. We brought our trusty mood board along to keep us aligned with the look and feel. Our consultant was excellent, she helped us process the guest experience moving through each space. 

Light fixture photos

A couple of weeks later, we had a proposal for all interior fixtures. We met up with Cheryl, reviewed and loved her ideas! We passed our fixture wish list to our contractor and did one more walkthrough of the building. The electrician has since been onsite and is wiring each of the rooms for us. In addition to the lights, we included a sound system into the wiring process. The bar, restaurant, and future patio will all have speakers for dining music! 

As with most projects, this one has a budget. Ensuring that we are within budget is a top priority, which means we have a wish list for future additions! We can’t wait to bring a fireplace into our guest lounge, an EV charger in our parking lot, and specialty exterior lights to highlight the character of the building.