The selection process

When we decided to purchase and reopen the Brandt House we began dreaming about the hotel. We thought about what it would look like and how guests would feel when they walked through the door. All of the ideas floating around had us buzzing with excitement. As we continued brainstorming, we decided we wanted to work with a professional to help us create the vibe for the hotel. We knew what we wanted, but we wanted to ensure consistency from beginning to end. Savannah Hinck is an interior designer, she graduated from Kansas State University in May 2023 with a degree in InteriorDesign from the College of Health and Human Sciences. She now works in the Washington, D.C. area for an interior design firm. She also happens to be our cousin! We met with Savannah and walked her through the space. Then over lunch we worked to convey our ideas and the atmosphere we hoped to create.

We want the Brandt House to serve as an escape. A nod to the beauty and simplicity of the Flint Hills while offering guests the modern luxuries travelers expect. We want guests to make lasting memories, to recall their visits fondly and to return often. We believe Alma, Wabaunsee County, and the Flint Hills hold so many opportunities for travelers to relax and rejuvenate. 

In addition to our ideas, we had created our logo and were set on the deep bluish-purple color. Savannah took our ideas and created a mood board, a collection of images to capture the design elements. Savannah helped us choose the finish for hardware, the stain for wood, paint for the walls, and our feature tile and wallpaper (among other things!). The mood board has served as our guiding star as we make decisions about the hotel. When we meet with lighting specialists, restaurant designers, and our contractor, we bring the mood board!